Anger and Its Unpleasant Effects

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  • Published : August 25, 2010
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Though anger a natural feeling experienced by all human, the effects are always unpleasant. Most people think when you expressing anger you will express it in a normal way and think it doesn’t affect people around you. Whenever you ask a friend, spouse, or your made, you will be probably surprised to learn how they think about your anger expression. Anger doesn’t just affect just you, most of the time it affects a lot of people around you. It’s really good if you can control your anger which is called anger management. That’s a good ability to have because you won’t affect people around you. You even will not affect yourself; sometimes anger can lead to suicide. Depression is also an effect and cause of anger. Anger happens to most teenagers and young adults and that’s because when they grow up they will develop confusion which leads to depression and anger. That will change ones they get older and learn more about it. Some effects of anger are high blood pressure, severe headache, and migraine. I found out on my research that some physical effects can give you a stroke, obesity, and severe cold. It’s also been proofed that people eat more when they cause anger. Medical experts found that anger reduces the capacity of the heart to pump blood. That’s a reason why people get a heart attack because they get extremely angry. You can live way more healthy if you can control you anger. It can also affect your skin, just like skin acne. If you have problems with anger, that might be a reason why you breaking out so much. That’s why people get looked aged soon. They will get wrinkles way easier and sooner than most others that don’t have so many anger problems. Anger is serious and shouldn’t be taking like nothing happened. If you got anger always then the hormone level will increase and that won’t be too healthy for your body. And that will re-act all organs in your body. That’s a reason why people try to control anger. It will affect some blood vessels and also can...
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