Angels Essay 1

Topics: Angel, Michael, Archangel Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: November 27, 2010
Doug Bilsky
Keli Mummert
There is certainly a mystery that lies within what is an Angel.  Angels are  among us and carry a message from God.  However, little is known about what  constitutes an angel, why they are present, and even what they look like.

What is an angel Angels are heavenly beings doing God’s work here on earth. They can be very glorious with wings an almost look like humans. Angels can come to us in a dream, breeze or even in a form of music. We have earth angels that do play an angelic role in our lives and those around each of us. The question is that we do not know when these angels come appear but angel sighting can happen anywhere.

this is an experience that I had in October 1993 after a funeral with my brother. I was in the back of my father’s truck on the way back to the funeral home. Well, there was an angel that came to me in a vision and informed me not to worry about what was to come within the next week. This angel was informing me through their mind to mine an gave me a short vision of death but it was just going to be nothing to get scared about since I would survive. My angel informed me to let others know that I have a bad accident/death and after I recall speaking about this with my mother then there would be no recollection of what was to transpire that week. Each of us are still with what has happened but they keep telling me that it was my brother who was informing me he would make sure everything was alright I am not sure if it was my brother/relative who has passed or if it was just a heavenly being to give me the message. For we know God will inform an angel to relate the message to keep his worldly possession in good working condition. Currently I still think about what has happen to me but I am sure that the question will always have me thinking of who the angel was an would they let me know...
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