Angels and Demons

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  • Published : May 18, 2005
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Name: John DoePeriod: 1Date: 3/14/05

Title of the book: Angels and Demons

Author: Dan Brown

Year original book was published: 2000

Four words to describe the author: Cosmopolitan, Witty, Articulate, Sophisticated

Characters in the book:

The Hassassin: Strong, Merciless
Commander Olivetti: Disciplined, Stubborn
The Camerlengo/Janus: Deceitful, Powerful
Cardinal Mortati: Fortunate, Patient
Robert Langdon: Clever, Cautious
Leonardo Vetra: Humanitarian, Loving
Victoria Vetra: Gorgeous, Dangerous
Maximilian Kohler: Cold, Ruthless

Setting of the book: This novel takes place during present times, but has several historical facts dating back several hundred years. The setting takes place from Harvard University in Massachusettes to Rome, Italy where Vatican City is located. The story takes place from underground tunnel systems and secret society dungeons and lairs, to the inside of famous architectural feats such as the Vatican Archives.

Was the setting very important or not so important to the events of the story? Yes, the setting was absolutely crucial for this novels plot and storyline. With the entire story devoted to the Catholicism and its root of power, Vatican City had to be the setting for this exciting novel. Without Vatican City and Rome in our story, the most critical details would have been forgotten. Without factual settings and places to help build and construct the thrilling and action packed scenes, the reader would have difficulty following along with this fast pace trek.

What is the main conflict in the book? There were three major conflicts in this novel, all of equal importance to the stories plot. With the Anti-Matter device threatening to blow up Vatican City and half of Rome, the Illuminati Hassassin kidnapping cardinals, leaving them for dead on the eve of "conclave," and trying to keep everything from the public gives this book mulitiple conflicts.

How was this conflict resolved? The conflict is...
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