Angelas Ashes Life of Frank

Topics: Republic of Ireland Pages: 3 (1226 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Zoe Caruthers
Due Date: Sept 8, 2010
British Literature
Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

Frank McCourt is a young Irish boy who faced tragedies throughout his life. Being the common American mistake what most would call a bastard, born out of marriage. His life begins with trouble, with parents that are both Irish. His mother Angela from the Limerick of Ireland, and his father Malachy from the North of Ireland. Just like America back in that time the north and south does not get along.

Malachy and Angela had seven children, Frank being the oldest. Since Frank was the first born he had to provide for his family at a young age by stealing, because Malachy would take his wages and drink leaving no money for the family to buy food or milk for the babies. This caused Frank’s little sister Margaret to pass away. Frank’s mother isolated herself out of grief leaving her four boys Frank, Malachy Jr., Oliver, and Eugene to care for themselves. Until Frank’s aunts Delia and Philomena sees the conditions they are living in and calls Angela’s mother for money to send the family back to Ireland.

Frank moved to Ireland when he was five, and Ireland was no better than America. The living conditions was worse with rainy days and people having an illness that was called the consumption. The Church was their only safe place, but even then a very judgmental place. Children were not allow to ask questions and throughout Frank’s life he was pushed away from the church. So much that his mother told him never to ask the church for anything again ,because they had closed the door in his face so many times. The family’s first couple of days in Ireland they were not able to receive money for the service that Frank’s father did in the war, because his records were not on file and he compared the money he was given for his troubles to a pint and was kicked out of IRAs’ office. That night Frank and his family had to sleep inside of a police station. During their over night...
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