Angela's Ashes

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  • Published : February 26, 2012
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Angela’s Ashes Journal Entry-Frank

Today, my classmate Mickey Spellacy’s sister finally passed away. Mickey’s hope became real. Now Mickey can get a week off from school because of sister’s death. He seemed really happy today. However, he did not keep the promise. Mickey promised to Billy Campbell and me that if we pray that his sister will die in the middle of school term, he said he will invite us to his sister’s wake. It was so silly and wrong that Billy and I prayed that Mickey’s sister will not die before school starts, but still we prayed for Mickey. And I am so angry that he did not invite me to his sister’s wake. I prayed every night before I go to sleep during the summer vacation. Also what kind of brother prays that his sister will die during school term, so he can get a week off from school? I can not understand the way he thinks. I know he lost many siblings, but he should not be like that as a family member. I believe, if they are true family, Mickey should pray that his sister will cure and get healthy, and even ask me to pray for his sister so they can live together again. Also if sister dies, then Mickey should be sad and crying, not making our classmates envying for missing a week of school days. I also lost three siblings. I do not really have any memory about Margaret, but when Oliver and Eugene died, I was really sad and my mother and father were sorrow. I can not say that it is correct to be sad when family member is dead, but right now I believe this is the right answer.

I chose the event that when Mickey asked Billy and Frank to pray that his sister will die after school starts. When I was reading this part of the book, I was really shocked and surprised. I read and heard lots of books and stories, but it was first time hearing about a brother wish to get a week off school from the sister’s death. This event reminds me the corruption of this society. In this book, Frank often steals bread and milk from other houses. And for his...
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