Angela Merkel

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Tiffany Prill
Challenges of Leadership
Leadership Book Analysis
Modern World Leaders- Angela Merkel
The person chosen for this leadership report is Angela Merkel. I read “Modern World Leaders-Angela Merkel” written by Clifford W. Mills. Being born in Berlin, with my pride in being German, as well as being a female with my own leadership ambitions, I felt Angela Merkel was a perfect fit for me. Gaining knowledge on the leadership style from one of the most powerful and influential women in the world, while also learning the values and beliefs my country is grounded on, I find Angela Merkel to be extremely interesting leader to study.

Angela Merkel (born Angela Dorothea Kasner), was born in Hamburg, Germany on July 17, 1954. Angela was raised in East Germany where she later received Associates degree in 1973. Shortly after, she enrolled to the Karl Marx University where she later met and married Ulrich Merkel.She graduates with a bachelor and continues onto her PhD in Science at the Central institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin. By 1986 she received her PhD which is also the same year she goes back to West Germany for the first time since she was baby.

It was the many years in West Germany, full of communism and hardships, that taught Merkel how strong and powerful government could be. Merkel was determined to use power to serve the people not use it to control them. Rather than telling them what they wanted hear, she told them what to do to solve the political problem. A scholarly physicist with little to no interest in politics rose to the top of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) known as a conservative, male oriented, traditional political party.

I believe the keys to her success include things such as her upbringing along with her passion and ambition. Raised by a minister in communist East Germany, Merkel had an upbringing like no other. A place where the economy was shattered- where resources and goods where lacking. Merkel and her family were always being watched upon by the Statsi. The Statsi was a security intelligence network that consisted of 100,000 full time employees with 300,000 informants recruited to spy on the citizens who might be subversive. Within this environment Merkel learned to keep her real thoughts to herself and keep her private and political world separate in fear of the Statsi.

Ambition is an understatement. The fall of the Berlin Wall was the biggest eye opener and life changing event in Merkels life; going from someone who took no particular interest in politics to fighting for freedom and rights, almost over night. The day after Merkel was sworn in as chancellor Merkel wasted no time and made trips around the world meeting up with leaders in hopes to form alliances. Her first stop was Paris where she met with President Jacques Chirac where her goal was to emphasize the importance of their relationship. Next she met with security general Jaap de Hoop of the NATO. The NATO was a alliance between 26 countries where the attack on one country leads to the attack on all countries. Merkel knew how important this alliance was to Germany. Merkel returned home to meet the President of Pohomba of Namibia only to leave soon after to the United States to meet President Bush. Merkel was admired her never ending, ambitious, networking.

“She put her loyalty to truth ahead of loyalty to the party”- Merkel’s put honesty and truth on the top of her values. When German chancellor Helmut Kohl admitted his guilt to receiving illegal claim contributions, Merkel was not scared to condemn Kohl in a public newsletter. Her mentor, the man who started Merkel in politics- in her eyes was now the man who betrayed a trust and should no longer be leader. Her honesty is the way Merkel got people to follow her as a leader. Although some felt she had stabbed Kohl in the back, many Germans praised her honesty. She had proven to the people that truth matters and that she...
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