Angela’s Ashes: Imagine You’re Angela. Write a Formal Letter to the Council of Limerick, Asking for Help to Improve Circumstances for the Family

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Imagine you’re Angela. Write a formal letter to the Council of Limerick, asking for help to improve circumstances for the family.

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Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt. London: Harper Perennial, 2005. 1-425. Print.

10 Windmill Street

Limerick, 22nd may 1939.
Council of Limerick
79 O'Connell Street

Dear Sir or Madam,

First, let’s introduce myself. My name is Angela McCourt. I am married with Malachy Sr. McCourt. Together we now have 4 children, Frank, Malachy Jr., Olivier and Eugene McCourt. We lived in New York with my daughter Margaret who is no longer with us. After my wee daughter died, I fell into a depression and we moved back to my roots; we moved to Limerick. Back in Ireland we received a stony welcome from my family. My mother did find me a home on Windmill Street where we live nowadays. The reason why I am writing you is because it is extremely difficult to come around with the financial resources which are available. We have to live with a weekly dole of only nineteen shillings. As you might understand, this is almost impossible with 4 demanding children and a husband not willing to financial support.

My husband, Malachy Sr McCourt, is one of the irresponsible men walking around in Ireland. While he is supposed to support me with working hard and bringing the weekly wages home, he drinks the money in the pubs, leaving me alone in the weekends without anything to spend, coming home late in the evening, loudly singing about the Irish revolution, saying that my sons must be ready to die for England. The only way how he earns love and affection from my son is by entertaining him with stories about Irish heroes. In my opinion, he should have earned it by caring for an appropriate inflow of money, instead of excessively drinking our financial resources. He loses job after job, and is more often unemployed than employed. Now he even gets to the...
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