Ang Pilipinas

Topics: World Trade Organization, International Organization for Standardization, Government of Japan Pages: 11 (1733 words) Published: March 2, 2012
THE PHILIPPINES (JOB(02)/99/Add.11 – See G/TBT/W/186)

A. What are your top prioritized TBT-related technical assistance and capacity building needs?

The Philippines priority needs are focused on the following areas:

1. Technical assistance for the improvement of technical infrastructure of government regulatory agencies (testing/calibration laboratories ) for a reliable certification system that will build the confidence of the trading partners of the country. Reviews and follow-ups of technical infrastructure development activities have also to be undertaken.

2. Capacity building needs specifically on:

➢ Expertise on WTO systems (implementation and administration of the WTO Agreement)

➢ Expertise on specialist areas (standards and conformance)

➢ Review of laws and policies relating to the Philippines commitment to the requirements of the WTO/TBT Agreement

These needs are further explained in the following matrix:

|AREA |TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE NEEDS |CAPACITY BUILDING NEEDS | |Administration & | |Dispatch of a TBT expert to the Philippines (consultancy mission) | |Implementation of the TBT | | | |Agreement | |Appraisal of the current status of the Philippines against the | | | |requirements of the WTO/TBT Agreement including review of laws & | | | |policies relating to the country’s legal framework | | | |Design and development of a comprehensive implementation plan, | | | |strategies and schedule (mixture of trainings and regular consultancy | | | |support, documentation, conduct of information education campaign | | | |System implementation by the comprehensive plan (expert provides | | | |guidance to system, participates in progress meetings and give advice on| | | |particular issues as required | | | |Follow-up, project review and finalization of the comprehensive & | | | |implementation plans (review & follow-up of corrective actions to | | | |fine-tune the implementation of the Agreement | | | |Organization of symposium on WTO/TBT Agreement with emphasis on the | | | |concepts & notification obligations and Annex 3 of the Agreement(Code of| | | |Good Practice for the Preparation, Adoption of Standards) | | | |Internship(exchange visit) of BPS staff involved in the operation of the| | | |TBT Enquiry Point to the WTO Central Secretariat or any Enquiry Point | | | |with fully developed mechanisms on the implementation of the Agreement | | | |...
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