Ang Munting Tinig: Reflection Essay

Topics: Actor, Education, Learning Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: February 26, 2013
The movie clearly emphasizes that sometimes in the middle of silence we have to listen to the small voices made by yo ung children and not only in our egocentric wishes. For in listening we learn to understand every people, its attitude and behavior. More so, through listening we could even solve solutions and therefore promote a better world to live by people most especially to the children. The film “Munting tinig” tells us that education is important in our life. It doesn’t matter whether your rich or poor. Everyone has the right to have an education. But in this film most of the parents don’t want to waste their children time in studying instead for them it’s more important to work and to do household chores. For me as a future teacher, it is very helpful when I will be in the time of teaching. As a future teacher I will always note in my mind that I should be transparent to my students. I will make a quantum to the school that I’ll be teaching. It also encourages me to pursue and take this course seriously not for my benefit but also for others. I learned in this movie that we need to share and give knowledge to young children. And if they have a problem, I can give them advices that can help them. I will listen to their feelings. I can play with them. I will develop the skills and the talent of my students in any kind of field. I will make them proud of themselves. It is a shame in my part if I will not tell the truth that the film really made my tears came out in my eyes. As I was reflecting on the film “Ang Munting Tinig”, it made me aware of many things regarding teacher, learning and teaching. Actually, the film communicates a lot of messages. Don’t stop dreaming. Whatever state of life we are in never stops dreaming for it is your stepping stone to the accomplishment. In over all, this movie gives us knowledge about our surroundings. The actors and actresses were good and act professional. The sounds and effects was beautiful and amazed the...
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