Anesthesiologist: Doctor in Anesthesia

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The career I chose is Anesthesiologist. An Anesthesiologist is a doctor or physician trained in anesthesia and is a non surgical medical career. They supply medical care in a wide variety of situations. These can include distributing anesthesia during surgical procedures, taking care of severely ill patients, and administering medical emergencies such as trauma. They are responsible for assuring the delivery of anesthesia safely in patients in almost all health care environments. Because anesthesiologists are physicians they are able to use there wide knowledge of human physiology to guide their decision making. The working conditions of anesthesiologists may take a while to adjust to. On the average, they put up with very irregular hours and they can work 60 or more hours a week. The job is very pressuring and the anesthesiologist must posses a strong emotional stability. They must be able to handle high amounts of stress and react quickly and accurately under pressure. They can work in many different departments of the hospital, including the emergency room, labor and delivery, intensive care, and surgery. Anesthesiologists are the most effectively trained anesthesia workers in the United States. They have to complete an undergraduate college degree, along with pre-medical requirements. Anesthesiologists have to complete 4 years of medical school like other physicians. Physician training programs in the United States, without exception, require 4 years of resident training for board certification eligibility in the specialty of anesthesiology. An anesthesiology residency requires a one year medical or surgical internship, followed by three years of anesthesiology training. Anesthesiology residency training in the U.S. surrounds the full scope of perioperative medicine, including pre-operative medical...
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