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  • Published: April 24, 2013
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Dana Marshall
English Composition 104
Mrs. Lee
April 4th, 2013
What Do You Know of Anne Frank?
Was She a Symbol for the Future?

Anne Frank is a well known young lady, she’s known for her diary “Kitty” that she wrote in during the times of Hitler and the Nazi reign. No one in these days and times really knows Anne Frank because she has passed away, but through her diary and other books surrounding her we have a pretty good idea of who she was. What do I know of Anne Frank? I know she’s the youngest of the two children that her father Otto Frank and her mother Edith Frank had, her older sister name is Margot Frank. The Frank weren’t very religious people but they were a Jewish household. Anne was born in Frankfurt, Germany as we read along in the book her family and her moved to the Netherlands into hidden location that she called the Annex. Just as any other 15 year old girl Anne was an average young lady in my opinion, the average young lady went to school, she had friends that she would hang out with in school, and boys were an area concern but not that much to Anne. What stood out to me is Anne’s attitude before she went into hiding and during the time they were in hiding.

Before Anne went into hiding I would say she was a care free young lady, she was social, entertaining, had some intelligences with her as well and just like any young lady she had problems. I suppose this because her diary entries weren’t as frequent as they were before she went into hiding. Even though I know Anne never really had true friends but she still was I

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would say a socialite in her community for her attitude. She played ping-pong with a group that her and her acquaintances named “The Little Dipper Minus Two” and after they played ping-pong they would go get ice cream from the near ice cream shop. Just like any young lady Anne and her friends got boys to buy them ice cream. She was a very educated young lady as well as a “class clown”, because she talked so much which brought along the nickname given to her by one of her teachers “Chatterbox. Her teacher gave her the assignment of writing an essay titled “Quack, Quack, Quack went Mrs. Quackenbush”, Anne wrote the essay and presented it to the class, she made her class laugh and the teacher laugh. As I stated earlier Anne was very social but she never really had friends. Her relationship with her family was typical in my opinion she was more attach to her father than she was with her mother and older sister. Anne herself said that she “talked as much as her mother did”, so I assume she has a lot of characteristic as her mother. As I know two of the same people can’t be in the same room together let alone live together they clashed often in the house, if it wasn’t for Otto I can’t image what would happen. Yet though Anne never really had an strong bond with her mother and sister as she did with her father she still showed them much respect and showed them love .There were two things that stuck out to me before Anne and her family went into hiding, her house cat Moorjte. Moorjte greeted Anne whenever she came into the house which made her feel love, something as a simple touch from her cat made her feel love. Also when Anne was assigned to write an essay because she talked to much during class, she wrote it and everyone in the classroom was laughing. Now I don’t know the content of her essay but I can image it because of her attitude that she projects through her diary . These two events stuck out to me because the simple thing such as touch from her cat brought her joy and more love then she felt from nearly everyone in

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her house. When she was assign to write an essay which was suppose to be a punishment she made the best out of it and brought joy. Life in the Annex for Anne was tough physically and mentally, but surprisingly her attitude didn’t really change that much. If anything since Anne was forced into a secluded space we...
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