Anecdotal Records

Topics: Teacher, Mother, Developmental psychology Pages: 5 (1705 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Journal Entry # 3
Subject’s Pseudonym : Angel
Age : 4 years old Name of Field Experience Site : Rosemary Hill Primary School Dates of Observation : Sept. 30 /2011
Oct. 6/2011 Oct. 12/2011 Arrival Time : 2: 00 P. M. Departure Time : 3: 30 P. M.

Date of Observation : Oct. 5//2011 (Field trip) Arrival Time : 9:30 A.M. Departure Time : 1: 00 P.M Observer : Marisol Ferreras

NAEYC Standard 1a: Understanding Young Children’s Characteristics and Needs.

Anecdote # 1 : Sept. 30 /2011 In the school’s courtyard: Angel Arrived to the school's courtyard with His classmates and his paraeducators. Then, Angel took a car and began pushing the car with both hands. Anecdote # 2: Then, Dyland, one of Angel’s classmates came to play with him. When Dyland began pushing the car, Angel gave the car to Dyland and went to play to the back of the courtyard. Anecdote # 3: In the back patio, Angel found a dry branch and began to make a hole in the ground. At that time, one of his par educator approached him and tried to play with him, but Angel said, “not, not, not", and he ran elsewhere. Anecdote # 4: Then, Angel saw that Dyland have forgotten the car, and he ran to push it again, but Dylan returned to play with the car, and Angel ceded him the car again and ran away from Dyland. However, this time Angel complained, “not, not, not”. Anecdote # 5 : Once Angel ran to play elsewhere, Dyland left the car and went to play with other children. Then, Angel return to play with the car, but when Dyland saw Angel playing with the car, he tried to get the car again. This time Angel approached to a paraeducator , and he said, "not, not, not". Then the paraeducator said , “Dyland, this is not nice, go to play elsewhere”. Anecdote # 6 : Oct. 5/2011. During A Field Trip to Butler’s Orchard. That day the three autistic classes at Rosemary Hill Elementary School went to a field trip to Butler’s Orchard to pick pumpkins up. Some parents accompanied the group as chaperones; one of those was Angel’s mother. At 9:30 am the group boarded the school bus to go to Butler's Orchard. Some children, whose parents were present, sat with the par educators and teachers; however, Angel sat with her mother. Once the group arrived at Butler's Orchard, they boarded the Hayride of Butler's Orchard and went to the field to gather pumpkins. During they were riding the Hayride, Angel sat with his teacher and his mother sat on the opposite corner and she took him some pictures. When they reached the field, Angel went to collect pumpkins with his mother. They spent about an hour in that activity. At 11:00 the entire group went to lunch and Angel sat at the table with his group, but his mother was sitting next to him. After lunch, each paraeducator took a child and went to Bunnyland to learn about the animals in the farm. The Paraeducator asked, "Angel, what do you see?" Angel said, “ pig “ . Then, she showed him other animals, such as rabbits, chickens, goats, etc. and then she I asked him, "Who said oink, oink, oink?, And Angel said" Pig. "Good job”, said the paraeducator. She said also, “Now you can go play. Do you want to play with me or with your mom”. “Mommy”, Angel said. Angel and his mom play with the Rubber Duck Derby, and with the John Deere Truck. His mom invited him to go to slide, but Angel refused it, saying “not, not, not”. So, they spent the rest of the afternoon playing in Bunny land. At...
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