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Android vs Mac

By | November 2012
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Androids Vs Mac,.....SIII Vs I Phone..
Switching...TO Android
So anyone who knows me, knows I love gadgets and tech. For too long I have seen websites and gadget blogs review the deluge of new android phones...but I couldn't share in the fun. Most people I have spoken to have come from Windows, or Android, to Apple. This is the story of how an Apple Fanboy took the plunge into the Android world.

I have had an iPhone for nearly 5 years. I got my first one in July of 2007 - the first day of the first iPhone, and I've been an "iPhone guy" ever since. I feel I give the phone a pretty good workout, using Bluetooth connections (both for car telephony and audio, as well as for connecting to my local home phone setup, and for data tethering), cellular data, Wi-Fi data (including protected installations), heavy texting and emailing, and lots of apps (social media, games, productivity). I had recently added a "phonesuit" battery case to my iphone4, and the battery life (with the case) was remarkable. Despite heavy use, I could nearly always drive home from work with still 100% charge.

But for someone who loves tech, to sit by as phone after phone is released with bigger screens, newer features, faster networks, and I am left with a 2-year-old iPhone 4...I was interested in something new. I did not buy the iPhone4S. I was very disappointed with this release. I did buy the 3GS - which was a substantial improvement in speed. But the iPhone4 was fast, the camera was surprisingly good, and I did not need Siri. My wife got the 4S when her iPhone 4 broke, and using it confirmed all of my suspicions - it's an iPhone4, and I have no need for Siri.

So I had been on the lookout for an Android phone. I wanted to know - was it as good? I was tempted by the Samsung Galaxy IIS, but held off due to rumors of even better handsets. When I read reviews of the HTC One X, I was sold. I waited until it was released, and played with it in a store. Then a friend got one, and I really...

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