Android vs Apple; the Popular Choice

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Jackie Galloway
Pd. 5 Intern/Mentor GT
Research Paper: Android vs. Apple; The Popular Choice
As “Engineers” we solve various problems that we come across, and one day, Mr. Yarn was describing a problem that he had. He told me how he disliked the fact that he receives a voicemail from other people and that sometimes he has to reiterate that same voicemail to another person. He tells me that it’s an extremely tedious task at times and that he wishes there were an easier way to handle this. When he said these last words, we both had the same exact idea; “Let’s create an app!” My mentor, Skip Yarn, and I will be creating, designing, and programming a mobile application that will allow for the user to take a voicemail message and forward/email that message in its entirety to another mobile user or multiple users if they wish to do so. The app will be drafted , designed and then programmed. After that, Mr. Yarn and I will field test it until it is fully functional then have it published. The app will have to be placed somewhere, ideally, on the Android or Apple app markets, or both. The general idea however is that if an app is created with dual accessibility, this problem will solve itself; “Is it possible to create and publish an app that will operate and function equally on an iPhone and Android device?”

What I have decided for my research is to create an app, an app that will need to be published on specific mobile devices. I have chosen to focus my attention on Android and Apple devices because the two are very similar, yet extremely different. When a consumer looks at an Android phone and an iPhone and compares them, they can see how different they appear but not how they function. And also, the more important question that many people, one’s who opinion is not biased, would like to know which company is better in overall service. This question is highly important when it comes down to what the consumer will actually buy, and the information that will be shared is very important when it comes to my App that I am creating. I will be comparing some of the many aspects that both companies (Apple and Android) have. I will not, however, explain all of the aspects, only those of which directly pertain to the consumer.

One of the most obvious comparisons that can be made about Android and Apple are their respective hardware; choice vs. polish. Apple is very well known for creating the iPhone chain, but more known for being the only manufacture to create and design the iPhone. The reason for this is so that no other company can replicate the phone’s design or formatting. And also, because of this tactic, this allows for the software and hardware to work together on the same device. (Hatmaker, p. 1)

Android is quite the opposite, on the other hand. Due to Android having many diverse models (such as the Galaxy Series, HTC EVO, the Conquer, etc.) it allows for the consumer to take their pick as far as what they preferred. Google has also branched out their software to other phone makers such as HTC, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. This is why many Android phones vary in size, weight features, UI (user interface), and quality. Apple only has that one specific “model” which is the iPhone, but has and will continue to update/upgrade the iPhone such as the noticeable difference between the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. Many consumers would appreciate the greater diversity Android offers, while others may benefit from the simplicity and quality of the iPhone.

Not only does the hardware give the user a decision between “choice vs. polish,” it also has to deal with the range of the various problems that can be compared. Such examples are that many Android phones have had some cases where the phone would overheat or “freeze.” This is most likely due to the cheap quality of the programming and firmware. Apple has had some cases such as the user interface not responding well to the...
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