Android OS: A Brief History

Topics: Smartphone, Nexus One, Android Pages: 1 (268 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Since 2008, Android has seen numerous updates which have incrementally improved the operating system, adding new features and fixing bugs in previous releases. Each major release is named in alphabetical order after a dessert or sugary treat; for example, version 1.5 Cupcake was followed by 1.6 Donut. The latest release is 4.2 Jelly Bean. In 2010, Google launched its Nexus series of devices—a line of smartphones and tablets running the Android operating system, and built by a manufacturer partner. HTC collaborated with Google to release the first Nexus smartphone, the Nexus One. The series has since been updated with newer devices, such as the Nexus 4 phone and Nexus 10 tablet, made by LG and Samsung, respectively. Google releases the Nexus phones and tablets to act as their flagship Android devices, demonstrating Android's latest software and hardware features.

The Android operating system is used on smartphones, netbooks, tablet computers, Google TV, and other devices. Android enables its users to video chat with friends and family, find fancy restaurant. Androids allow users to get direction while they are travelling with the help of GPS features. It allows users to listen to online music and view video content. Android has been designed primarily for smartphone and tablets. The open-source nature of android allows it to be used to laptops, netbooks, smartbooks, and eBook readers and has attracted an increase in android application development and android games development over the years. The operating system finds it to use in car CD and DVD players, vehicle satnav systems, refrigerators, home automation system among others.
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