Android: International Conference on Computer and Informatio Technology

Topics: Java, Operating system, Programming language Pages: 8 (2613 words) Published: February 19, 2013
2010 10th IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (CIT 2010)

Porting mobile web application engine to the Android platform Yonghong Wu, Jianchao Luo, Lei Luo School of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054,, Abstract Android which Google released as an open-source mobile phone operating system is a Linux-based platform; it consists of the operating system, middleware, and user interface and application software. xFace is a cross-platform web application engine for mobile Internet. As a global leader in mobile web application engine, xFace [1] has the advantages of versatility, easy to master, universal. It significantly reduces the effort of development; while the services of testing which porting layer provides, will greatly reduce the developer's development costs. A perfect transplant will greatly reduce the Android platform migration workload, but also to make widget's operating efficiency to be improved. This paper describes xFace of native code (c + +) runs on the Android (java) platform through JNI called, xFace porting layer(c++) also calls the Android platform APIs(JAVA) by JNI, such as Graphics, HTTP and other related system modules. Keywords—Android, JNI, Mobile web Application Engine, Porting are the hot spot type of value-added services, 3G mobile terminals under a variety of value-added services would be the integration of up to provide users with chain services, it will be a technical major breakthrough. In addition, along with the WEB2.0 maturity, improving, it makes mobile Internet to become an inevitable trend in the future, while the development of next-generation mobile communication terminal is the power of mobile Internet development. xFace is a kind of engine of the web application. It uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and other Web technologies to develop lightweight mobile applications. Mobile applications, which are developed by using the technology of xFace, can run on different operating systems without any modification, such as windows Mobile, BREW, Symbian and other mobile phone platforms. It greatly reduces development efforts and costs of the mobile web application software. Android as an open-source mobile phone platform, is favored by the major mobile phone Manufacturers, its large rate of market share is also increasing. In this context, for mobile Internet and mobile terminals, this paper puts forward the way to solve the xFace transplanted to the Android platform that is very valuable and practical significance.

1. Introduction
Along with the continuous development of communication industry, today's mobile terminals have extended from single service with telephone to multiple services with voice, data, images, video and games [2]. Communications, computing and Internet convergence will be trend of the information and communication technology development in the future. Nowadays, operators’ services have erected one by one in the open data services, a unified service --- the platform for mobile Internet. The step into data transfer is an important stage in the development of the 3G. It provides rich data services also contributed to the development of smart mobile devices. Under the impact of the 3G, mobile terminals gradually turn to be intelligent. Under a variety of 3G services such as mobile instant messaging, mobile email, mobile search, online browsing, mobile TV and mobile games 978-0-7695-4108-2/10 $26.00 © 2010 IEEE DOI 10.1109/CIT.2010.369 2157

2. xFace transplant programs in the Android platform
2.1. Android platform features
The architecture of Android system [3], similar to other operating systems, use a hierarchical structure. From the chart to see, Android is divided into four layers; from the top to the lower level are the application layer, application framework layer, system layer and the Linux runtime core...
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