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The review of the related literature focuses on Android Application Development which is making its place as a competitor in the mobile application technology. The review will explore how Android develops and deepens its open source applications and related functions. It also aims to gain background knowledge for the study. Similarities and differences of the literature are also provided for critique of the research.

Foreign Literature
Android Application Development
R. Rogers, J. Lombardo, Z. Mednieks and B. Meike (2009)
This in-depth book provides the concepts and code that is needed to start building smartphone applications with Android programming environment. Android Application Development introduces the environment including the operating system and SDK, and provides working examples with thorough explanations to demonstrate Android’s architectural features and APIs. Whether developers want a commercial application for smartphones or a mobile mashup for personal use, Android Application Development shows how to design, build and test applications that are innovative portable and profitable. Developers will learn the tools that write programs using Eclipse, run application on the Android emulator, and carry out debugging, tracing, and profiling. Android Application Development, like the proponents’ study, includes Debugging Android Applications, Signing and Publishing Application and SQLite Databases. Also, it includes Drawing 2D graphics to make learning easy and fun but unlike this book, the proponents will not deal on 3D graphics. Since this material was produced on the year 2009, the problems stated like for smartphones was surely solved because of rapid development of technology. Today, there are millions of Android mobile phone users in the world. Almost all of the problems stated were unlocked. The study explores the facts presented that let the future developers unfold and learn to create significant applications. As proponents, we will be able to learn what we can do to make a difference.

Android versions comparison (2012) The article had its comparison at different Android versions. It compared the previous two flavors of the platform. One targeted for small screens mainly mobile phones (all versions below 3.0) and one dedicated for tablets: Honeycomb Android 3.0. However, not all Android tablets support this version (some tablets still uses the Android 2.x). These two variants of the platform have been fusioned to a versatile and uniform platform since "Ice Cream Sandwich" has been released in October 2011. It combines "Gingerbread" and "Honeycomb" versions in a cohesive platform for tablets and phones at the same time. The proponents’ study will deal with an Android Application that will run on phones and tablets. The proponents will use Android 2.2 API since it is also used in tablets as well as phones and it is one of the most used Android versions. Lower API versions can also be used in Android devices with higher versions.

Beginning Android Tablet Application Development
W. Lee (2011)
Android is now a formidable mobile operating system, with a following no less impressive than the iPhone. The APIs have stabilized and the tools have improved. The Android 3.0 SDK comes with several features for tablet developers, and understanding all these features requires some effort on the part of beginners. This book was written to help jump-start beginning Android developers, in particular developers targeting tablet devices. It covers enough starting with tablet programming using Android. To make the learning interesting, this book walks through the process of building two projects. The first project shows how to build a mapping application for Android tablet. It will be able to monitor current location using the built-in GPS, cellular and wireless network connections. In addition, it...
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