Andrew Johnson

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11 December 2012
Andrew Johnson
I am writing this paper for educational purposes about the Presidents of the United States. I will be talking about the seventeenth president, President Andrew Johnson. He has a lot of information that I will be talking about for this research project. I plan to persuade you that Andrew Johnson was a very good president. Andrew Johnson served a very good life and now I will ask you that.

Andrew Johnson was born as Mordecai Historic Park 1 Mimosa Street Raleigh, North Carolina 27604(Fast Facts). The birthplace of Andrew Johnson is a late 18th-Century Structure which was a kitchen and residence behind the inn where his parents were employed. His father, Jacob Johnson, had scratched out a living as a hotel porter and bank janitor in Raleigh. Tragically, Jacob died while trying to save two of his wealthy employers from drowning when Andrew was three years old. His widowed mother worked as a weaver and a spinner to feed Andrew and his older brother William. She married Turner Daugherty when Andrew was still a boy, though the addition to the family did not much improve family finances. When Andrew was fourteen, his parents apprenticed the two boys to a local tailor, with whom they worked for several years before running away. After being on the run for two years with a reward on his head, Andrew returned to Raleigh in 1826 to reunite with his mother and stepfather before moving west in a one-horse cart to Greeneville, Tennessee, where the seventeen-year-old Andrew set up shop as a tailor (Fast Facts).

The young tailor had tried to teach himself to read and write by poring over a book of great orations that he had received as a gift; however, Andrew never mastered the basics of English grammar, reading, or math until he married his wife, Eliza McCardle, age sixteen, in 1827. The only child of the village shoemaker, Eliza had first spotted Andrew and his...
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