Andrew Jenkins Room 335

Topics: Old age, A Great Way to Care, Aging in place Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Mikkayla Johnson

14: (one essay only - 15 points)  Write a reaction to the movie Andrew Jenks, Room 335.  Find 5 things from the movie to relate to other class discussions/articles/ASL experiences.  This movie was meant to serve as a capstone for the class and how does it help you tie everything about adulthood and aging together?

This movie was a great way to wrap up the course. Much of what we learned about the older adults was reflected throughout this video.
For instance, when Andrew asked some older woman why they were in here they explained, “Because we don’t want to burden our family by taking care of us, this is their life now, we already lived ours.” I loved that quote because it showed how much they loved their family and that they chose to live in these homes so that their children can take care of their own families and lives. This was explained in the book as guilt, that the older adults felt as if they were imposing on other people’s lives and felt guilty when loved ones took care of them.

A lot of the older adults were still goofy with each other, the one man would steal his friend’s cane and poke him with it and dance around him. In my ASL learning experience at Senior Connections, I can see many of the older adults goofing around with each other still in their old age. One man steals one’s jacket and jokes and puts it in different places. One woman always steals another ones yarn and pretends she did not know where it was. It was funny watching older adults interact in such a goofy way. Both of my grandparents are more reserved so I only saw this goofiness at my ASL experience. I am thankful for that.

When talking about sex, the couple he interviewed said that they did not have it and they did not think about it. Another woman said that when it existed it was amazing. Nobody that he interviewed was actually having sex. The book showed graphs that there were still a healthy portion of adults still having sex. Maybe this was because...
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