Andrew Jackson Great President?

Topics: President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, Tennessee Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: April 26, 2013
I know that President Andrew Jackson belongs in the Pantheon of great American presidents. He has more than achieved this award for his bravery, resolution and presence as the head of our country for eight years. He transformed the presidency in to an extremely influential institution. He created a political party that has survived to this day. His policies continue to shape the country almost 200 years after he left office. He was quite controversial for his time and his decisions are still picked up apart today. During Jackson’s time the federal bank was a separate institution from the federal government, because of this it had become a bastion of wealth and special privileges. It had strade form its original purpose of helping the common man to being a institute of the wealthy. Jackson refused to allow it to continue and let its charter expire. The bank tried to bring the economy down with it but it just went to show that it was what Jackson had shown it to be, a corrupt machine. During his run for reelection his opponents depicted him as a donkey, instead of trying to get rid of this picture he embraced it. The donkey might have been hideous and funny to rich city dwellers but to the average farmer it was his how he made a living. Jackson new this and decided to create a political party around the animal for the common man. He created the Democratic Party to defend the common man from a corrupt government. He used his common up brings to appeal to the common everyday people of America. During his presidency he created a tariff to defend against unfair foreign competition in the manufacturing business. It was meant to protect the fledgling industries of the north from being run out of business. The trouble was that the south relied heavily on foreign goods because they were cheaper. This enraged the southern plantation owners, particularly South Carolina. They convened a convention and decided to make the tariff null and void by passing a law to counter...
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