Andrew Jackson Democrats Dbq

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  • Published : January 23, 2011
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Jacksonian Democrats were not guardians of democrat that they claimed to be but instead were merely guardians of their own sectional interest and Andrew Jackson inflated ego. Jacksonians ere skilled at emotional issues and had the support of the South and the West. Their primary goals were not constitutional justice and individual libery, but instead they strived to suppress New England, the Whig Party, and business interests and to preserve states rights.

1. Born in NC. Grew up a son of the frontier. He was the battele of new Orleans and was a hothead. He was smart ontellectual. Emotionalization of campaign issues got him elected in 1828 over President John Q. Adams. Jackson brought the common man out of the backwoods into the voting booth. Records show that voter participation rose dramatically through the Jackson era. 2. By exploiting the class difference between urban eastern industrialist and the south and western agrarians, jackson’s aides turned “old hickory” into a symbol for the figh against the upper class and intellectualism. Henceforth it mattered little what Jackson did as president as long as it was perceived as the will of the common man.

3. Jackson definition of a common man was limited and did not encompass various groups such as Indians, slaves and women. 4. In Worcester vs. Georgia set a precedent for Indian rights, Jackson disapproval. He said that chief justice John marshall made his decision now let him enforced it. Jackson claimed that the common man wanted the Indians to be removed and promptly sent the Cherokee down the “trail of tears” to Oklahoma. The move was fueled by jackson’s dislike for marshall and his feeling that executive brand superseded the court. 5. The government of Georgia supported Jackson efforts to remove the Indians from their land because it allowed Georgia to gain more territory to sell for a profit. In the supreme court case of cheokee nation versus gerogia, John marshal argues that the...
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