Andrew Jackson and the Politics of the Market Revolution

Topics: John C. Calhoun, Andrew Jackson, Martin Van Buren Pages: 2 (688 words) Published: January 14, 2013
Andrew Jackson and the Politics of the Market Revolution
I.The Presidency of John Quincy Adams
Adams appointed Henry Clay as his Secretary of State. This was a corrupt bargain says his opponents. Jackson described Clay as Judas of the west. After he became president he got to work trying to build all these things like an observatory and national college. II.Martin Van Buren and Andrew Jackson

Martin close supporter of Jackson put together an organization that was designed to drive Adams and his type of people from the office. A.Jackson as a Candidate of the Frontier
Jackson was the first candidate of non-gentry origin. He received a small inheritance, and went through it quickly. He started his career as looking out for the interest of the creditors, but came to be known as the figure for the common man. But he really made his name by his army career. B.The Importance of Political Parties

Van Buren believed that political parties and that partisan competition could be a good thing, and political parties can help save and preserve the union. People are going to disagree it is important that partisan divisions not be based on sectionalism (north, south). Buren hoped to bring together northerners and southerners in political parties. If they came together in a political party then they could not talk about slavery. Parties could help keep their opponents honest. Keeping the public informed which was vital to the republic. C.The Campaign of 1828

Jackson supporters argued that when Adams served as minister to Russia, he kept himself busy by giving American virgins to the Tsar. Jackson’s mother was a prostitute, Adams wife was illegitimate. Arguments and slanders like these went back and forth. Jackson won by a landslide. Jackson argued that he was the only person in the US elected by all of the people. Saw himself not only as an executive, but as a formulator of policy. III.The Politics of the Market Revolution

A.Internal Improvements
The Maysville...
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