Andrew Jackson 3

Topics: Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, American Revolutionary War Pages: 4 (1626 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Cameron McQuade
U.S. History 1-c
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April 17, 2013

Andrew Jackson

Throughout the years there have been many presidents, but Andrew Jackson was different. He had many different policies, and his personality set him apart from a lot of other presidents. Andrew Jackson was the seventh president but some would consider him to be the first because he seemed so different from others. Andrew Jackson did not have the easiest childhood while growing up, his father had died and his mother had to raise him and his siblings. Through Andrew Jackson’s entire presidency, he endured trials in a different way from the other presidents. Unlike other presidents, Andrew Jackson was a war hero. He loved America, and had a major role in shaping it. Andrew Jackson was different from all of the other presidents in many ways. Andrew Jackson was the greatest president of all time because of his bravery and leadership in war, his care for everyone including the common and lower class people, and his stubbornness and perseverance to push through any circumstances.

Andrew Jackson did not have the easiest childhood while growing up. He faced many hardships along the way that he had to over come. Andrew’s father had died the year he was born in a logging accident. He was forced to learn a lot of things on his own because of that, he would attend school which would play a major role in his life. Andrew had always dreamed of growing up and one day being in the army, and when he was thirteen years of age he joined as an orderly and a messenger. When he was fourteen years old, him and his brother got captured and put into an army camp.[i] He and his brother were released shortly after but his brother would not live to much longer after that. His oldest brother, Hugh had already died in the war after coming down with small pox, leaving only him, his mother, and his brother. Shortly after that his brother died from smallpox, the disease him and...
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