Andrew Jackson's Successful Foreign Policy

Topics: United States, Thomas Jefferson, Louisiana Purchase Pages: 3 (947 words) Published: March 7, 2012
Despite the faults during the Trade Embargo, American foreign policy was overall successful because the US, with the help of the French, defeated the British in the revolutionary war, grew the country in the Louisiana Purchase, and signed the Convention of 1800.

United States Foreign Policy was successful despite the Trade Embargo of 1807. In order to decrease the national debt, Thomas Jefferson imposed a tax on all trade entering the United States. Britain and France opposed the taxes and threatened to start a war.1 In response, Jefferson ordered congress to block all trade into the U.S. as a moral statement of war. The only major benefit to preventing trade was that it forced Americans to be innovative. Most of the resources imported from other countries were basic supplies that people needed for survival. U.S citizens had to make their own clothes, grow their own food, and build their own homes.2 Although the benefits didn’t outweigh the drawbacks, manufacturing plants eventually arose and the United States became a leader in mass producing goods. When the embargo was first started, the U.S economy suffered far more than the French and British. Exported goods fell as well, from $108 million in 1807 to only $22 million in 1808.3 Farmers produced more crops than were being purchased, forcing many to close down. The shipping industry also collapsed. People who were once exporting goods were jobless and homeless.4Thought of as a way to prove to the world that the United States was self-sufficient, the 1807 Trade Embargo definitely hurt the country more than it helped. The Trade Embargo represented America’s failure at Foreign Policy in that it not only did not achieve the desired result, it created a backlash that hurt their chances of having a positive relationship with numerous countries later. The importance of having good relations with other countries could not be stressed enough, as represented in the Revolutionary War.

Through admirable Foreign...
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