Andrea Yates Case

Topics: Insanity defense, Psychiatry, Andrea Yates Pages: 2 (691 words) Published: January 18, 2011
In my essay, I will tell you why I agree that Andrea Yates, 44, is not guilty by reason of insanity. I believe that Andrea Yates had a very serious sickness, and it should have never been able to get that out of hand. Andrea Yates was suffering from severe postpartum psychosis and was losing control over herself. Rusty - Andreas husband -, her family, and the many doctors she had been working with should have took control about her acting’s. Rusty was a very controlling husband to Andrea while they have been together, but he took over too much control by answering for her and not listening. Andrea’s family noticed that after she had been well for a while, she was starting to go back to her “low” state of mind. Her doctors, Dr. Saeed and De. Starbranch for instance, who are very educated doctors should have noticed that she was not well, and should not have been changing her medication so frequently.

Russell Yates, Andrea’s over-controlling husband, should have took more notice to what was going on with Andrea. Russell was too caught up in himself and, as Andrea’s nursing colleague, Debbie Holmes, had told TIME, “Rusty only cares about Rusty. Rusty never bothered to ask Andrea about her feelings, not even after her father had passed away. Rusty and Andrea wanted to have as many children as nature would let them, and from the result of having the first few kids, although Andrea was not in the right mind, Rusty should have realized that this was not healthy for Andrea, especially since she had been put off her medication just to have kids. Andrea had once said that she did not want to have sex, because she felt it would hurt her children, all Rusty had to say about that was “The Lord tells us to go forth and multiply. You’re a good mother. You can handle more children.” Rusty should have never left Andrea alone with the kids. He should have known she would have hurt herself, or the kids.

Andrea’s family had not always approved of the way Rusty did things,...
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