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Topics: Family, Mother, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (599 words) Published: December 3, 2010
In the playwright Andre’s Mother, author Terrrence McNally suggest a theme loss, acceptance, and closure. This drama introduces the effect that Andre’s death has on his family and friends as they gather in Central Park for a private memorial. The mourners, Cal (Andre’s lover), Andre’s mom, Penny (Cal’s sister), and Arthur (Cal’s dad) each release a white balloon symbolizing letting go of Andre. Before “letting the soul ascend to heaven” each character expresses their feelings and memories of Andre; everyone except for Andre’s mother who expressed her feelings in silence.

In Cal’s speech to Andre’s mother, the audience is able to envision Andre and his mother’s unstable relationship. He explains, “I wonder if he would have ever told you. When he was sick, if I asked him once I asked him a thousand times. Tell her! She’s your mother. She won’t mind. But he was afraid of hurting you and of your disapproval I don’t know which was worse.” He understood his mother was critical of a gay alternative lifestyle. Andre feared disclosing to his mother of his homosexuality. Consequently, Andre never disclosed to his mother that he was homosexual. Upon his death is when his mother discovered that he was gay.

Cal, Andre’s partner enjoyed a very open and intimate relationship with Andre. Cal absolutely adored Andre. Andre and Cal frequently discussed Andre’s fear of disclosing to his mother that he was homosexual due to her narrow-minded views. Therefore, Andre went to his death without being able to tell his mother that he was gay.

On the other hand, Cal’s parents and sister openly accepted Cal and Andre’s gay relationship and embraced them with love. Cal’s sister Penny enjoyed a very close friendship with Andre as she mentioned during the memorial she said, “Andre loved my sense of humor. Listen you can hear him laughing. So long you glorious wonderful… man.” Moreover, Cal’s father Arthur explains his encounter with Andre. He says, “In my clumsy way what I’m trying to...
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