Andre's Mother Film Review

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  • Published : April 23, 2012
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Chelsea Overton

Brian Reeves

English 1302

18 April 2012


After reading "Andre's Mother" by terrance McNally, I figured watching the film would be as unexciting, but Deborah Reinisch underestimated my intial impression of the film. She visualized the play so successfully that I became astonished by how unfortunate and altering the story truly is.
"Andre's Mother" is about an aspiring actor Andre, and his lover, Cal, who live in New York and are visited by Andre's mother who is from Texas. During her visit, Cal makes all the effort to befriend Andre's mother with a positive gratitude, even though she is in denial and does not approve of her son's relationship and lifestyle. Seeing Andre's mother so often troubled, Andre's grandmother blatanly speaks to Andre's mother about Andre's life to get her to atleast understand the other side. One night, Andre's mother gets a call from Cal telling her Andre is dead. She was unaware of his illness until Cal tells her at the hospital that he had been bravely fighting against AIDS. Reinisch's film "Andre's Mother," was overall a good expression of the play, because she incoporated feeling of sadness through lighting, music, characters tone and language choice, and reveals mother's thoughts and feelings during her son's funeral.

The actors in "Andre's Mother" did a very good job at protraying their key roles. Richard Venture and Haviland Morris did an excelent job plaing Cal's father and joyful sister, Penny. Sada Thomson's also did a good job as playing Andre's distant and indenial mother. Throughout the film her eyes seemed to stare into a deep abyss, but when anything relative to Andre's lifestyle was brought up, she seemed very impulsive or angry and quickly tried to ignore the subject. But the role of Cal played by Richard Thomas was the most oustanding. His passion for writing and for...
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