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  • Published : April 13, 2013
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Janie P

Given the differences between Pedagogy and Andragogy and Blanchard's situational leadership styles/Transformational Leadership, how would you make yourself an effective adult learning professional?

Becoming an effective adult learning professional will come about by applying the methods of teaching observed in other professionals and modeling it. Of course, over time, more of your own style of leadership will emerge where you are teaching naturally rather than depending on someone else’s leadership style. As you are forming your own teaching style, you are reflecting on practices that brought about effective results and what did not. This experiences help guide you into the discovery of new practices that you hadn’t used or reinforce the methods you were relying on. Once you have your footing, you would move towards refining your practices and gaining expertise. I think on my preparation to be a teacher. I was trained in pedagogy practices and grew in proficiency over time. While I know I have mastered many areas, I am growing in expertise all the time. I would expect this same process to occur by making the jump as an adult learning professional. Wlodkowski (1985) states. “Facilitators who develop the characteristics of expertise, empathy, enthusiasm and clarity are likely to be highly motivating instructors”. So, as your expertise is being refined, always utilize the empathy, enthusiasm and clarity until you arrive as an effective adult instructor. A transformative instructor is one that supports students in their progression of the emancipatory learning process. Emanicipatory learning’s purpose is, “to develop understanding and knowledge about the nature and root causes of unsatisfactory circumstances in order to develop real strategies to change them,” (Thompson, 2011). The definition of emanicipatory learning is, “The radical tradition in adult learning is concerned with how learning, knowledge and education can be used to...
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