Anderson Theory Critique

Topics: Truth, Psychology, Jesus Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Theory Critique: Anderson
Echo Rae Maese
Liberty University

Summary of Content
The Bondage Breaker was written by Neil T. Anderson. This is a book that “deals with the foundational issues of your identity in Christ and outlines practical steps on how to live by faith, walk according to the Spirit, renew your mind, manage your emotions, and resolve the emotional traumas of your past through faith and forgiveness" (p.12). I find this to be a significant definition of exactly what I see counseling to be.

Anderson emphasizes the battle we Christians have with spiritual warfare and doesn’t hesitate to hide the fact that Satan may play a major part in many of our emotional struggles and distance from God during them. He does not believe that all diagnosis is caused by demons but what Anderson does acknowledge is that “many Christians battle physical symptoms unsuccessfully through natural means when the essence of the problem and the solution is spiritual” (p.32). Anderson then goes on to suggest that most acts of misbehavior are influenced by un-holiness. When these acts of un-holiness become habitual in our lives we are opening up a doorway that allows Satan to have a stronghold on our life that in turn leaves us in his bondage (p.54).

There is also much emphasis on self-worth throughout his book. Throughout many of the chapters Anderson mentions how our struggle with un-holiness is less when our parents or loved ones meet the needs we have to be loved. Anderson then tells us the importance in realizing our worth in God. He says “In Christ we are important, we are qualified, we are good. Satan can do absolutely nothing to alter our position in Christ and our worth to God. But he can render us virtually inoperative if he can deceive us into listening to and believing his insidious lies accusing us of being of little value to God or other people” (p.141).

Anderson then moves on to his “steps to freedom in Christ.” These steps include recognizing...
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