Anderson Cooper Book Review

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Culminating Book Review
Anderson Cooper’s: Dispatches from the Edge

He is well known for working for CNN and is one of the most influential news reporters and show anchors. Anderson Cooper. He has written a rather tragic and informational book about his traveling and reporting experiences in a part of his life, his book is called Dispatches From The Edge, where he talks about four most important events that have occurred and made him into the person he is now. In each event, he’s with his crew, tying to get a good story and document about later. His cameraman and translator are with him, working around the clock, He begins to talk to us more about his early life, and continues to talk about his experiences in Sri Lanka, Iraq, Niger and New Orleans and all the tragic situations he has dealt with, which I strongly believe have shaped his life and changed him as a person.

He was only ten when his father died. Which kind of gives the reader a sense that his childhood wasn’t as every boy wanted it to be. His mother who was also a headlines anchor went through great pain herself as a child. His mothers “powerful” aunt had convinced the New York Court House that his mother’s mother was unfit. His mother was finally sent to live with her aunt, and soon sent off to boarding school. On page 5, he says, “ My brother and I knew none of this as children, of course, but we’d sometimes seen a look in our mother’s eyes, a slight dilation of the pupil, a hint of pain and fear.” This was the turning point for Cooper. He knew he had to be, not just ordinary, but someone that has great knowledge. For his mothers sake, and knowing all the pain that she’d been through, he wanted to see her happy about something. So as he turned twenty-five, he found his self to have a job, a salary and after months of traveling, he became a foreign correspondent. It was almost like an addiction for him. He didn’t remember what a “normal life” was. He cannot, as he said, stop. He has been...
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