Anderson, Anderson and Glanze, 2009: Practice of Nursing

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  • Published : March 17, 2013
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(Anderson, Anderson & Glanze, 2009) Defines evidence based practice as the practice of nursing in which the nurse makes clinical decisions on the basis of the best available current research evidence, his or her own clinical expertise, and the needs and preferences of the patient. Evidence based practice provides nurses with a method to use critically appraised and scientifically proven evidence for delivering quality health care to their patients. Research is a useful and valuable tool to the field of nursing. While this particular research article explores nurses’ clinical reasoning when it comes to medication safety. It acknowledges nurses for their expertise in decision making when it comes to safe medication administration. Thesis

The introduction section of this article is responsible for identifying medication errors as “the most common type of errors in health care and states that on average a patient could expect at least one medication error per hospital day and that as many as 7,000 deaths might occur each year in hospitals because of medication errors”(Dickson&Flynn, 2011). These numbers are astounding; to think that as a patient in one’s local hospital he or she could be a victim of medication administration error. The article identifies nurses as the largest segment of the healthcare system and states that they are at the center of patient care” (Dickson&Flynn, 2011). It also accredits nurses for contributing to positive patient outcomes; but still nurses aren’t acknowledged for their perspectives and actions. The explanation of medication errors and the potential of how and when these errors could originate were quite clear. The article is definitely favorable of nurses and could very well have been written by someone who is a nurse. Evidence of Thesis

The evidence of the literature was quite thorough and the authors utilized reputable resources to conduct their study by using a grounded theory design. The...
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