And I Was Carried Away: Message from Pepita

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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“And I was Carried Away” letter from Pepita

I know that you are confused right now. I am expecting that you have already received a letter from your friend, Loloy. And if you think that this letter will untangle your perplexity, then you are quite wrong. The purpose of this letter is to counter the previous letter you have received. And I hope that your conclusion will come to the right judgment. It may be hard but I want you to know that I trust and love you. You have known Loloy for a very long time. You always go together and you know each other’s strength and weaknesses. We all know that Loloy would always go to our house before. We treat him as a part of our family. When your friend was inside the house I would go to my room or clean the yard to not disturb the both of you. Sometimes, he would greet me and ask me of my day. I thought of it as a friendly approach so I would answer him in return. But one time, while he was in the house reading some of your Graphic Issue, he called me and asked me a question I voluntarily forgot. And I was astounded by this query. I never expected him to ask me of that kind of question. And when I looked at him, I can’t read his expression. His face looks flatly on me and I began to be terrified. But it’s been haunting me. There’s no secret that will never be revealed but there is also no crime that will never be chastised. I will always remember that early one morning in July. You may have noticed me since then that I became pale, vapid and lifeless. It took me a lot of courage to tell this to you for as a man you don’t know how I really felt that moment up until now. But I want you to know that I do not fear in telling you the truth. While I am writing this letter, I remembered the torment, indignation and helplessness that continue to take command of me. That day, I was left alone in the house so I decided to sweep our yard as a help to our mother. Then Loloy came, at first I didn’t hear him from the outside of our yard,...
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