And Then There Were None Essay

Topics: Working class, Middle class, Agatha Christie Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: February 24, 2011
In the novel and then there were none by Agatha Christie I don’t think she favors one social class or another. but think that she is trying to tell people that they should try their best at life and what you do as a person can and will come back to haunt you in your future. But at the same time in the book the first character to die is rich and dies a UN harmful death by being poisoned. The lifestyle promoted in this book is the upper-class.

Well to start off the author of the book clearly does not favor the middle class because for one Vera Claythorne which whom is middle class dies a very depressing death in which she hangs herself or at least that’s what seemed to be the case. a major reason I think she does care about a social class is because the serial killer is punishing people on the island for what they have done in the past. Vera claythorne for instance whom was not rich but drowned a boy to try and become rich so the boys cousin she wanted to marry would inherit the money and marry her so she could become wealthy and never have to work again this for one is giving me the idea that the author seems to think that everyone cheats but the ones who do it the most would likely pay for it at the end of their time just as Vera did. But General MacArthur who was lower class had sent his wife lover on an impossible mission during World War 1 in which the general knew he would not return so he also paid for his deed. He died by getting hit in the back of the head with a blunt object waiting for his turn to come. This is why the author gives me the idea she is for the upper-class people.

The rich people in the novel like Anthony Marston is poisoned and dies in his sleep somewhat peaceful but not brutal like Vera claythorne because she supposedly hung herself but the judge who is the serial killer killed her and Anthony both. But what I was trying to compare is that Vera was poor and died a horrible death and Anthony who was rich died off peacefully. This is...
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