And Then There Were Nine

Topics: And Then There Were None, Ten Little Indians, Agatha Christie Pages: 2 (510 words) Published: March 4, 2012
1.Discuss the narrative techniques that Christie uses to create and maintain suspense throughout the novel? A: I think there are two points that Christie uses to maintain suspense throughout the whole novel .First, Christie uses many kinds of foreboding to express or hint ,and then made the situation more and more horrible. Especially , the song ten little Indians and the ten Indian dolls ,it was hinting that everyone on Indian island must die. Anthony Marston died first, then died second. one died and another. We don’t know who will die next, but surely everyone on Indian island must die. This is the first point , because of unknown and foreboding made this story maintain suspense. Second , this is a ratiocination novel , but there was no detective in it ,so there is no one to believe in .Everyone on Indian may be the murderer. The second point adds tension because the conjecture between them

2.Discuss the weaknesses of Dr. Armstrong, William Blore, Philip Lombard, and Vera Claythorne, and explain how Wargrave exploits these weaknesses as he carries out his plot?

3. What do you make of Christie’s decision to violate the standard rules of mystery writing by making it nearly impossible for us to solve the mystery of And Then There Were None by ourselves? How does the unusual plot affect the experience of reading the novel? A:Christie made the problem more complicated by the communication between characters , we don’t know whether they tell the truth or not . We’re prejudiced by first impression that people who died may not be the murderer, but we are wrong.

The story starts from ten people in different status, different habit ,different career, these people are totally different. except one thing ,each of them has a secret in their life , this secret is all of them have made someone lost their life on purpose or by accident. They were invited to Indian island by Mr. and Mrs Owen.They thought they were here to have a vacation ,but...
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