“and No Matter Where You Run Into, Prejudice Obscures the Truth “All the Characters in Twelve Angry Men Are Influenced by Their Past Experiences. Do You Agree?

Topics: Jury, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: February 28, 2011
All the characters in twelve angry men are influenced by their past experiences. I think that most of them do but the handfuls of jurors choose to have equality in the way they go through with their thought process. The main characters that show their prejudices are juror 10 and 3 but we also see the little prejudices the other jurors have, for example juror 5 and juror 4. There are also some characters in the court room that look to keep things equal and keep their prejudices out of their choice making. Juror 10’s little rampage in pages 51 to 53 of the book really show his thought of people who live in a slum neighbourhood, he talks like they’re from a completely different planet to us, for example he tries to tell to the rest of the court room with a stern voice “They are different. They think different. They act different”. Juror 10 also thinks that people who live in the slums have a different way of life and a different way of resolving problems “They don’t need any big excuse to kill someone.” Juror 10’s experiences in the past of people who live in the slums effect his thinking about whether or not he has a reasonable doubt, but when he is set straight he feels embarrassed and it seems he couldn’t care less about the result because he is to ashamed. Another past experience that comes into the court room is juror 3’s past experience with his own kid who was the same age as the boy in the case.”We did everything for that boy...When he was nine...ran away from a fight...when he was sixteen we had a battle. He hit me in the face... I haven’t seen him for two years. Rotten kid. “With his past experience with his boy he seems to think that every boy that age is exactly the same “It’s the kids, the way they are nowadays. Angry! Hostile! You can’t do a thing with them” Near the end of the case we find out that juror 3 was voting guilty because he still feels the pain of his boy leaving him and so he tries to take his revenge on this boy but juror 8 says “It’s...
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