Ancient World History Review

Topics: Neolithic, Agriculture, Thumb Pages: 2 (386 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Name:_ Calvin Yang_____ Period:___2nd_____ Date:_9/2/2012_____ Ch. 1 -Identify or Define the following
1. Artifact-a man- made object as a whole; tools and jewelry 2. Culture-a particular society at a particular time and place; a people's unique way of life 3. Technology-the practical application of science to commerce or industry; the ways in which people apply knowledge, tools and inventions to meet their needs 4. Hunter-gatherer: nomadic group whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant food 5. Neolithic Revolution: the major change in human life caused by the beginnings of farming; caused the shift from food gathering to food producing 6. Domestication: the taming of animals for human use, such as work or as food 7. Civilization: advanced cities; specialized workers; complex institutions; record keeping and advanced technology. 8. Specialization: the development of skills in a specific kind of work 9. Institution: a long-lasting pattern of organization in a community 10. Bronze Age- the time period when people began using bronze rather than copper and stone to fashion tools and weapons, 2500 B.C Ch. 1 Short Answer:

1. Why did the ability to walk upright and the development of opposable thumb represent important breakthroughs for early hominids? Because it proved evolution, on the certain level, true.

2. What role did the food supply play in shaping the nomadic life of hunter-gatherers and the settled life of farmers? The people originally had to roam in order to gather enough food but as they began to grow crops the food supply was great enough to allow them to settle and produce more children which made it important to find new food sources to support all the new people 3. What economic changes resulted from food surpluses in agricultural villages? Keeping the economy thriving.

4. Why did the growth of civilization make government necessary? Because there were more and more people...
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