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Topics: Ancient Egypt, God, Monotheism Pages: 4 (1232 words) Published: May 1, 2011
Efrain Duran
Reflection Paper 1
HIS 101
The Code Of Hammurabi
Does the Code of Hammurabi sound harsh, fair, or lenient? Penalties such as exile and mutilation were less severe than death, but was harsh justice necessary in Babylonia? Based on your reading of the code, was Hammurabi an enlightened ruler? In the actions of accusing a man for murder and not able to convict him, stealing an animal, stealing from another’s home or property, and aiding a slave to escape the punishment of death sounds too harsh. In my point of view a lie should have a less severe punishment as like stealing. Perhaps imprisonment or a few whips sound more reasonable. Aiding a slave should have a much similar punishment, or banished from town sounds reasonable too, of course also depending on how bias you are. In some cases harsh punishment was necessary in Babylonia. Cases like murder, rape, and kidnaps did deserve harsh punishments. Hammurabi in his code was somewhat of an enlightened ruler. He did give some knowledge of what justice was and how it was used. He also created these laws and warned the people.

In what way does the code of Hammurabi exhibit the influences of the urban society from which these laws were imposed? What are the general characteristics of ancient Near Eastern urban society? The code of Hammurabi influences the urban society in a similar way that the greater the crime the harsher the punishment. Justice is debatable of crimes. Hammurabi’s code influences us by his methods and it also helps us realize its mistakes on cruel and unusual punishments. Some general characteristics of ancient Near Eastern urban societies are that if you did something wrong you were punished and justified accordingly with the code of Hammurabi. Laws were strict and you had to follow them. The Instruction of Ptah-Hotep

Central to the instructions issued by Ptah-Hotep, a sage and advisor, was that the pharaoh was to act in accordance with ma’at. What is ma’ at and why was...
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