Ancient Rome and United States Morals and Values

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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The United States has had an immense decline in morals and values, as well as in public health. Not only that, but it is competing with alarmingly high unemployment, much like ancient Rome was. The United States is defiantly not as stable as it may seem. As a result, it will fall.

The decline in moral values in ancient Rome was much like the Unites States today. Crimes made the streets extremely unsafe and gladiator fights were exceedingly popular. This isn’t much different from what we see today. Crime rates in the U.S are continuing to rise, and many people enjoy observing violence, such as gory movies, boxing, and video games that encourage fighting. There were 32,000 prostitutes in Rome, and there are more than 100,000 in the Unites States (4), as well as 551,000 Pedi files (5). As one can see, they are very similar. The fact that the Unites States has even more then ancient Rome did increases the negativity towards the situation. In a way, the U.S. seems to be supporting this kind of behavior by having strip clubs and pornography on television. In fact, prostitution is legal in Las Vegas. Even though these things may not seem like an immense contribution to society falling, every minuscule thing makes a difference. Not only are these things available for everyone to see, but young girls do glimpse these things, and it sometimes causes them to loose respect and responsibility for themselves. This is very common today. Getting pregnant at a young age, such as ages 14-16 was not bizarre in ancient Rome (6) and continues to be common in the Unites States. Punishments for crimes in Rome were banishment, slavery, death and more (1). The United States has a death penalty in some states, but it is rarely used. All we have in the United States is jail, which is most commonly used. Being in jail may benefit some people, but it cannot change what kind of person one is. The result will be a continuation of increasing crime rates and deaths.

Ancient Rome and public...
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