Ancient Rome and Spartacus

Topics: Roman Republic, Ancient Rome, Roman Empire Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Spartacus was born in Thrace and became a very skilled solider there. He was eventually captured by the Romans and sold as a slave. The Romans had a thriving slave economy because of all their conquests of other armies and territories. Most slaves worked on the latifundia as either field workers or herdsmen. Some slaves were purchased as gladiators to entertain the Romans. Slaves were stripped bare and put up for sale. By seeing the slaves naked, people could judge by their body type what they would be good for. Spartacus had the ideal body structure for a gladiator and was purchased by Lentulus Batiates to be just that. Lentulus Batiates was a teacher at a ludus, which was a school for gladiators. (2) He was already a great warrior and was a natural and being a gladiator. The ludus was in Capua and was about twenty miles from Mt. Vesuvius. Soon after Spartacus became a gladiator, he started a revolt at the school and tried to break out. He and about 200 other gladiators grabbed a bunch of kitchen tools and escaped the ludus. When they got out into the streets the found a wagon of gladiator weapons and stole them. When the met up with city guards and officials, they used their weapons to defeat them and after killing the guard the stole the better military weapons and fled out of the city towards Mt. Vesuvius. Out of the 200 that started the riot, 64 escaped the city. (2) Many other rural slaves joined them on their way to the mountain. In order to end this uprising of slaves, praetors sent out a small army to kill Spartacus and his followers. Praetors are an elected magistrate of the ancient Roman Republic. They rank just under the consul but have about the same duties or functions. There was only a steep narrow path to the top of Mt. Vesuvius and the Roman army figured they had Spartacus trapped. Spartacus had different ideas though. He and the rest of the slaves tied vines together to make ropes and headed down a steep face of the mountain and put a surprise...
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