Ancient Rome and Modern Italy

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Wow things have really changed over time! The ancient country people used to call Rome is the country we call Italy today. Modern times and ancient are very different. Italy got its name from a small part of the Roman Empire. The country was renamed Italy in 1861 under the rule of Victor Emanuel II. Since he was ruler when Italy got its name he was considered the first king of Italy. Ever since Rome changed its name to Italy Italian people believe that they gave had good luck. People’s superstitions from today are very different from the superstitions from before. Religion has changed, Italians have invented new things, and the culture is way different from back then. Rome began as a small city in the middle of a war zone. At one time, Roman civilization was the strongest on the planet. But of course, it began as a small settlement. Rome was founded in 753 B.C. on the central river which is now central Italy. If the Romans were not comfortable they believed that their death would come faster. In this essay I will write about ancient Rome and modern Italy.

Ancient Rome


The ancient Romans loved games and festivals. They would celebrate everything. Every chance they got they would throw a parade or festival. The ancient Roman festival named “Lupercalia” honored love. During this festival the Romans would choose their future husbands and wives. They chose who they wanted to marry based on beauty and popularity. The ancient Romans were very picky. Roman men and women would always wear a piece of wool strapped around them. This was called a togan. Then, in 200 B.C they began to wear linen tunics under their togans. This made their clothing a lot more comfortable. On their feet, they wore leather sandals. In cold weather, they wore leather boots. Women wore wooden hairsticks or wooden combs in their hair. Rich Romans would eat whole plates of...
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