Ancient Rome

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In Ancient Rome there were festivals and events that might be named different but are still being held in our modern day. Feralia- February 21st , The Romans would bring offerings to the Roman Gods and the souls of the deceased,and put them in or outside of the tombs. Including wreaths and bread soaked in wine. There they sprinkled grain, salt and violet petals. Once the Romans ignored the festival, because they were to busy at war, it was said that dead ancestors roamed the streets as angry spirits. To mark the mourning’s, marriages were prohibited on this day. Magistrates did not wear their insignia and all temples were closed for business. According to the winter Ovid, on this day an old drunken woman would sit in a circle and with other girls and perform rituals in the name of the Mute Goddess, Tacita. The woman would place three bits of incense, with 3 of her fingers, beneath a threshold where a mouse is buried. She then rolled 7 black beans in her mouth and smeared the head of a fish with a pitch, impaling it with a bronze needle and roasting it in a fire. After that she whispered not nice words in Latin-(“Hostiles linguas inimicaque unximus ora”which is translated to Hostile tongues pray anointed).and then departed intoxicated. Feralia is the modern day Halloween.

Ludi Apollinaire – July 6-13, in 212 B.C, some years after Hannibal and his Carthaginians had defeat at Cannae, Syracuse and Macedon had joined Rome's enemies. The prophecies of Marcius came to light according to Marcius. This prophecy had two parts, the 1st was to avoid a battle at “Canna”. Romans were all too ready to identify this with their recent defeat at Cannae. The 2nd said that to avoid such problems the Romans must have a party for Apollo in the Greek way . In 208 BC there was a plague so that the Ludi Apoollinares were repeated. Like the Ludi Romani these games proved so popular that they were put in the calendar as a regular event like Christmas. Usually only the last day...
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