Ancient Rome

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Ancient Rome must have been an interesting time and place to live. One major reason to believe this is, Rome underwent a major evolutionary change. The Roman Republic became the Roman Empire and very little of the Roman culture was left unchanged from one period to another. The Roman Republic lasted for approximately 100 years and when it collapsed and became the empire, Rome lasted for another 500 years. Although not particularly known for a religious affinity, roman religion was a mixture of Greek mythology and philosophy (Passageway to the Ancient World). In 1776 the final emperor of Rome, Romulus Augustus, was killed which ended Rome’s time-in-the-spotlight as a super power.

The Roman civilization was split into two different ages. The first age was known as the Roman Republic. This came to be from the Latin’s overthrowing the government that ruled them. They achieved this in the year 509 B.C.E. When they overthrew the Etruscans they transitioned from a monarchial rule to a government of the people or a republic (Passageway to the Ancient World). Although this age was the key to Rome being so successful it didn’t last for very long. Warring regions throughout its self caused the republics eventual fall in around 409 B.C.E. After the republic fell the Roman Empire came in to power. This was the bulk of Rome’s years mainly because this government took better care of their civilians. One way the empire took better care of its inhabitants is that they took time and built 50,000 miles of paved road so that trading would be much easier. Also, the empire built 11 major aqueducts that were used to transfer water. The largest one, 59 miles long, was used to transport millions of gallons of water each day. The second way that the empire lasted longer than the republic is they provided better entertainment. The most widely known entertainment all throughout these days was the coliseum. This is where many gladiator battles and chariot races went on. These battles...
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