Ancient Roman Foods

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From Simple to Fast

During the times of ancient Rome and its glory days of ruling the world, the foods were the same as the lifestyle was: “simple and austere.” The people of the time were just simply not worried about feeling the need to eat fast and move on to better things than eating. They were significantly more concerned with enjoying the food sitting on the table in front of them and enjoying the moment. By enjoying their meals, they were able to enjoy the other components of their lives and from there, to essentially enjoy life to its fullest. “Carpe diem.” Essentially, they enjoyed the most simple things in life. Nowadays, people are far more concerned with living a fast-paced lifestyle filled with luxury, money, and speed than tasting and savoring the many flavors present in their foods. Moreover, the foods during those ancient times were a lot healthier, consisting of mostly grains and vegetables. Now in our present society, while there is much more variety to the things we eat, there are also a lot more fats, greases, and various oils.

Tons of present day traditions hold meat in the highest regard of any other food group. We enjoy that most meals include some sort of meat, and more often than not, a very large amount of it if not multiple kinds of meat. People hold barbeques where the main event is the meat being cooked on the smoky grill surrounded by laughter. The meat actually brings people together and leads to a feeling of belonging and happiness. In stark contrast, dining during ancient times rarely even had any meat at all. There are records of people complaining when they had to rely on meat to eat as opposed to their normal delicacies of delicious vegetables. They simply did not like the taste or texture. For people concerned with enjoying their food to the fullest, this is a terrible dilemma. It is not one our society can easily understand.

We see it every single day on television, we hear it on the radio, and we create our own...
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