Ancient River Valley Civilizations

Topics: Religion, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia Pages: 1 (301 words) Published: April 7, 2013
In the river valley civilizations, Egypt and Mesopotamia had many similarities and differences in their views of politics, their religious beliefs and their geographical locations. Egypt and Mesopotamia have similar points in their political areas. Egypt was under the ruling of pharaohs. Mesopotamia had kings as their authority. They both didn’t just have similarities when it came to politics they also had quite a few differences. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia differ when it comes to unity. It seems to be that Egypt had a much stronger unity than Mesopotamia which allowed Egypt to be less open to invasion that Mesopotamia was. Mesopotamia and Egypt also had their own beliefs when it came to religion. Egyptian religion was based on polytheism. They believed in over 2000 gods and goddesses such as Horus and Amun-Ra .The Egyptians saw death as a transitional stage in the progress to a better life in the next world. They believed they could only reach their full potential after death .Mesopotamians believed differently, Mesopotamians believed that once you died you were sent off to be punished. The people of Mesopotamia relied on their gods for every aspect of their lives Even though they saw their after lives differently, they still believed in god and goddesses. Mesopotamia and Egypt were located on different place in the Middle East. Mesopotamia was located by the Tigris-Euphrates River, and Egypt was located alongside the Indus and Ganges River. Even though they were both located in different places they were very similar because they were both alongside water, and they suffered from floods. Mesopotamia and Egypt were one of the first civilizations established. They seemed to have their similarities and differences in politics, religion, and their location, even though they both were nowhere near each other when it comes to geography
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