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Agrippina the younger:

AD 15 Born in Germany
AD 19 Father Dies
AD 28 Marries Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus
AD 33 Mother dies in prison
AD 37 Gauis Caligula becomes emperor
Nero born
AD 40 Ahenobarbus dies
AD 41 Gauis assassinated
AD 42 Marries Crispus
AD 49 Marries Claudius
AD 50 Nero adopted by Claudius
AD 54 Nero Becomes emperor
AD 56-59 Period of Decline
AD 59 Agrippina murdered


“Women’s role was to mind the house and watch the children” Tacitus

“…any power a woman had was inadvertently” Barnet

“To be effective in politics a woman needed a husband, brother or son to act for her” Levick


- Great grand-daughter of Augustus
- Grand-daughter of Julia
- Daughter of Germanicus
“Her pedigree was impeccable” Perowne

“She derived prominence from her famous military father” E.A.Judge

“Her family connection gave her a near mystical status” Barret


“She grew up in an atmosphere of malevolence, suspicion and criminal violence” Grant

“Ambitious and unscrupulous” Scullard


“A man who was in every aspect of his life detestable” Suetonius

“She was greedy for the rich inheritance that would go to her son” Syme


“The greatest honors of all were reserved for Caligula’s sisters” Barret

Sestertius= Aggie [security], Drusilla [Concord], Julia Fortune, head of Gauis.

“He deported his sisters to the Pontian islands because of their relationship with Lepidus” Dio


“…a stepping stone to supremacy” Tacitus

“Complete obedience was accorded to a woman” Tacitus

“She gathered complete control over Claudius” Dio

“She had forced and emperor whom she dominated completely to bypass his own son in favor of an outsider” Bauman

Aphrodisias = relief in Turkey of Agrippina holding Claudius’ hand

Aureus = imperial coins, wearing a crown of corn


“Agrippina now meant to rule through her son” Scullard

“For a few startling and unprecedented months…the empire was ruled by a woman” Grant

“Turned over all his public and private affairs to Agrippina’s management” Seutonius

Aphrodisias = crowning Nero

Aureus = face to face


“The were not enamored at the prospect of a woman ruling the Roman world” Salmon

“Had little love for her petticoat government” Scullard

“Were unhappy about the highly visible role Agrippina wished to play” Weidemann

“Agrippina was training her son for the throne” Dio


“Agrippina’s loss of influence is illustrated by the disappearance of her portrait from the coinage” Weidmann

“Her over-watchful, over-critical eye…proved more than he could stand” Suetonius

“Nero was irritated by Agrippina’s heavy handed insistence on decorous conduct” Griffen

“She was intolerable...he decided to kill her” Tacitus

Aureus = behind him

“Smite my womb” Tacitus.


- Made vestal virgins
- Imperial seats at games
- Included in annual vows

“The prominence given to the sisters has no real precedent in history…suggests incredible honor” Barrett

- given title Augusta
- right to use carpentum
- had an ex-settlement named after her
- allowed to listen in on senate

“The offered Agrippina the same homage and gratitude as they had given the Emperor” Tacitus

“Had a settlement of ex-soldiers established at Ubii and named after her" Tacitus

“As the wife of Claudius she had received more open acknowledge in government” Wood

“Claudius gave Agrippina the title of Augusta” Dio

“Agrippina could listen to the proceedings behind a screen” Warmington

- Given 2 lictors
- Made priestess of Claudian Cult
- Rode in the litter with him
- Received foreign embassies

“This woman wanted to be in substance and form a queen” Garazetti

“Agrippina was not prone to...
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