Ancient Greeks and Mathematics, Science, and Philosophy

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  • Published : October 23, 2011
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Contributions of the Ancient Greeks to Mathematics, Science, and Astronomy to Modern Civilization Ivette Blanco
Week 5 Team Assignment
April 29, 2011


Contributions of the Ancient Greeks to Mathematics, Science, and Astronomy to Modern Civilization

The ancient Greeks were responsible for many of the concepts, theories, and inventions that we still practice today such as Democracy which in Greek means “People’s Rule”. Never before and never since has there been collectively ruled by a majority rule of its voters. The Greeks are also responsible for inventing theater, comedy, tragedy, and drama. The word “tragedy” comes from the Greek tragoidia, meaning “goat-song” in reference in the fact it arose from the mimic representations. The Greeks also invented logic. The science of logic was formulated by Aristotle. Later investigations only went to extend his work in the field. Aristotle dedicated himself to the principles of valid reasoning. One of the most self-evident truths occurred in mathematics. It was no wonder that practical applications of this knowledge would also give us science. The development of simple arithmetic and geometry were used for surveying land collaborating efforts in creating a calendar that was based on periodic astronomical events. The Chaldeans and Egyptians clever as they were did not utilize logical reasoning as a general method for discovering truths. The Greeks also invented science; the literal meaning of the word science is “knowledge”. We have many things to be grateful such as lyrics originally created as accompaniment for ancient three, seven, and twelve stringed instruments and horns. The Greeks were also responsible for inventing what we today call history, the word itself means “investigations” since the end of prehistoric time man has been recording chronicles, legends, and myths, however there is a difference between story-telling and factual, unbiased, and un-judgmental history. The Greeks...
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