Ancient Greek Influence Today

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  • Published : November 6, 2011
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The basic foundation of many ideas, and activities today have come from Ancient Greece. Many philosophies, medical treatments, arts, sports, and teachings today have come from the traditions of the Ancient Greeks.

One of the biggest influences being our government today. Greece was the birthplace of the first democracy, in which the people ruled and held power. This idea is what our government today is based on. Holding public elections in which the people elect their leaders.

Greece was also the birthplace of the Olympics. The Olympic games were very important to the Greeks and winning an event in the games was one of the highest honors you could achieve. The Olympic Games held today still have sports that are the same as the ones played by Ancient Greeks, and many others are still very similar. Just like in Ancient Greece, the Olympics are a time when all nations, despite their differences, can come together in friendly competitions.

Another big influence and major part of our lives today are the ideas, philosophies, and teaching of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, and many other Greek Philosophers. Their findings in Astronomy, Mathematics, Biology, medicines and much more are still taught today, and will continue to be taught for generations.

Their religion greatly influenced the religion of Ancient Rome in classical times. Romes religion was based on that of the Greeks, and they had many of the same Gods. While Ancient Greek religion is no longer practiced, it is still taught today as mythology and many people remained interested in and study the Greek Gods like Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Hermes, and others.

Greek drama in classical times was used to educate and teach it's citizens how to act and behave in society. It was also used to keep historical records, and teach history to people. While our drama today, usually does not portray the same messages as those in Ancient Greece, many plays and movies are based, or heavily influenced by...
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