Ancient Egyptian Calendar

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HUM 101

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Topic:| Ancient Egyptian Calendar|

Topic:| Ancient Egyptian Calendar|

Assignment 1: Ancient Egyptian Calendar

Many of ancient Egypt's contribution to society not only advanced them as a civilization but left an impressionable impact on the accomplishments of the modern day. One of the gifts that the Egyptian empire had bestowed on the heathens of modern society was the beginning of an elaborate alphabetic system. It was from this system of writing that many other contributions such as an accurate calendar and mathematical equation that the Egyptians were able to move forward with architectural wonders, specialized doctors and the practices of justice and religious rituals. The Neolithic society or The Nile Stone Age Society, in 5000BC they introduced the first calendar which was based on agriculture. Unlike the modern 365 day Julian calendar system, the Egyptians followed a calendar system of three hundred sixty days along with three seasons each of which was made up of four months; each month had thirty days. Their three seasons were related with the cycles of the Nile River and were known as Inundation which started on June 21st and ended on October 21st,the Emergence from October 21st to February 21st, and finally the Summer which began on February 21st and ended on June 21st.  To know the beginning of the year or what they called "the opening of the year", they marked it by the emergence of the star Sirius. The star was only visible once a year just before sunrise, when it could be observed on the eastern horizon just before dawn in midsummer; the timing of this observation would determine whether or not the intercalary month would be employed. The beginning of the year was also marked by the addition of five additional days, known as "the yearly five days". In a literal sense the Egyptians did have a 365 day calendar system. The Ancient Egyptians were highly organized with a very efficient central...
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