Ancient Egypt Discoveries

Topics: Ancient Egypt, Egypt, Thebes, Egypt Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 26, 2013
In the past decade, archaeologists have discovered new information about the fascinating civilisation of Ancient Egypt. These include: a cemetery at The Temple of Taposiris Magna, a sphinx lined road at Luxor and the ancient city of Tanis. In 2011, at the Temple of Taposiris Magna, west of Alexandria, archaeologists found a cemetery of 27 tombs, containing 10 mummies with their heads turned towards the temple, suggesting their high status. Also, inside the temple, three deep shafts were found that were used for burials. It is thought that Cleopatra VII and Mark Antony could possibly be one of the mummies. The expedition has discovered a beautiful statue of Cleopatra’s head and 22 coins of her image. This contradicts the theory of her being “ugly”, as theorised recently in 2007 by British museum curators. No signs of African heritage were found in the head, also contradicting another recently advanced theory of Cleopatra’s origin. A mask of a cleft chinned man, resembling other known portraits of Mark Antony was found. This discovery is significant as it gives evidence to Cleopatra’s physical appearance and that the cemetery could be the resting place of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. The discoveries hold cultural and historical importance to Egypt and the world. It provides archaeologists a new window to further research, as artefacts and mummies were found. At Luxor, a sphinx lined road dating back to the fourth century was discovered. The road was mentioned many times in ancient texts but not found until its discovery in 2010. Previously, 850 fragmented pieces of statues near the road had already been discovered. The historic road, known as the “Avenue of the Sphinxes” is important as it is believed to be renovated by Cleopatra, was used for celebrations of deities Amun and Mut and links the Karnak Temple in ancient Thebes to Luxor. 12 sphinxes were found, most with missing heads. They were inscribed with the name of the founder of the last Pharaonic dynasty,...
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