Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia Comparison Essay

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  • Published: November 27, 2013
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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia

Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia both developed in river valleys. These first civilizations in the Middle East, Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates and Egypt by the Nile River. They are early civilizations that relied heavily on geographies and their surrounding environment. Mesopotamia featured distinctive cultures and was also the home of the worlds first set of laws. The Egyptian civilization formed near the Nile River and in the Sahara desert, so a strong society was needed to prosper in this harsh environment. As both civilizations formed close to important rivers and fertile land, they developed similarly (Ecks, 2012).

Mesopotamia and Egypt both relied on their rivers to survive their everyday lives. Mesopotamia was divided into two lands, Sumer and Akkad and then both of the lands got together and became Babylonian , a flat country. Also, Sargon which is the king the Mesopotamians worshipped , king of Sumer which Akkad symbolized the claim of Universal domain. Mesopotamia and egypt were also very agricultural. Mesopotamia had little to no natural defenses. They were open to invasions and got took advantage of quit often. The Assyrians were the last to take over before the Persians conquered them. They built pyramids called Ziggurats. Cuneiform was the Mesopotamians writing system. They created Cuneiform around 3500 B.C.E and it also became a system of pictographs. Mesopotamia went into a decline and ended around 2300 B.C.E .

Ancient Egypt lasted around 3000 B.C.E until the conquest of Egypt by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C.E. Egypt was a civilization based on irrigation. Its also a civilization that arises through the need for flood control and irrigation. Which leads to a strong central government. The Egyptian state centered on the king, often known by the knew term Pharaoh , from an Egyptian phrase meaning “palace”.

The religous beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians were the dominating influence in the development of their culture.The Egyptian faith was based on a collection of ancient myths, nature worship. Sumerian lives were spent serving the gods in the form of man-made statues. There was no organized set of gods; each city-state had its own patrons, temples, and priest-kings. The Sumerians were probably the first to write down their beliefs, which were the inspiration for much of later Mesopotamian religion. Sumerians believed that the universe consisted of a flat disk. While the Mesopotamian's didn't have anything quit to scale with the pyramids, they did use and build ziggurats for religious purpose.Both civilizations were centered on religion. Egypt believed in many gods. The gods of Mesopotamia believed in tended to be absolute rulers to whom the people owed total devotion. In both civilizations religious leaders were given very high status and held in high regard. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt are two religions that believed in monotheism.

Ancient Egpyt and Mesoptomia both relied on river for survival. They also had similar religous role which led into their different life styles. Ancient Egyptian religous beliefs were more demanding than Mesoptomia. Well , they were more into their religous beliefs.

In conclusion, the Ancient Egypt and Mesoptomia share these similarities; Both Egypt and Mesopotamia emphasized social stratification, with a noble, landowning class on top and masses of peasants and slaves at the bottom. Both Mesopotamia and Egypt changed only slowly by the standards of more modern societies. Both civilizations demonstrated extraordinary durability. Both civilizations, left an important heritage in their region and adjacent territories.

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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia both developed in river valleys. These first civilizations in the Middle East, Mesopotamia between the Tigris and Euphrates and...
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